Rubber machine screw machine barrel


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                                  Rubber pin screw barrel diameter: Φ 75mm - φ 200mm

                                  Rubber cold and hot feeding screw barrel diameter: Φ 30mm - φ 300mm

                                  Length diameter ratio: 12-18


                                  Base material:

                                  1)38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645)

                                  2)42CrMo(AISI 4140)

                                  3)4Cr5MoSi V1 (JIS SKD-61)


                                  Treatment process:

                                  heat treatment

                                  Nitriding treatment


                                  Technical parameters:

                                  Nitriding depth: 0.50mm-0.80mm

                                  Nitriding hardness: 900-1000hv

                                  Nitriding brittleness: < grade 1

                                  Surface roughness: RA 0.4

                                  Straightness of screw: 0.015mm

                                  Hardness of surface chromium plating layer after nitriding: ≥ 950hv

                                  Thickness of chromium plating layer: 0.025 ~ 0.085mm

                                  Double alloy depth: 3mm

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